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Al Baraka pellet forage factory was established in 2009, Daraa-Syria.

The total area is 8000 squared meters of which 1300 squared meters for the factory and administration section.

High quality forage is produced by means of modern technology and the production capacity is 7 tons per hour.


  1. All machines are made in China and considered as forage best selling factories in the world.
  2. Complete production lines which provide accurate performance.
  3. All machines were installed by specialist from the country of origin.
  4. All production phases concerning health &quality are subject to continuous supervision.


  1. The most advanced factory in the area.
  2. All staff members are highly qualified veterinarians and nutrition who have a minimum of 25 years experience in the fields of forage production, and livestock/ animal ranching.
  3. Forage additions are carefully studied and analyzed.
  4. Machinery cleaning and sterilization takes place regularly.
  5. All staff members have experience on the field of manufacturing and production.
  6. Dealing with best companies of raw materials from which forage is produced such as corn, barley, bran, cotton-cake and soya –cake.
  7. Raw materials are stored in iron compartments to protect from moisture.
  8. Safety and storage measurements are regularly applied.

General Manager

Ghaith Al Mukdad

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Address: Al Baraka Pellet Feed
Syria- Daraa

Phone: 0096315279691
Fax: 0096315279634
Mobile: 00963955622338

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Quality First & Best Proof is First Try