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The advantages of using feed pellet compared with others Feeds:

  • Reduce feed dust, leading to increased acceptance of the birds feed
  • Increasing the consumption of feed, leading to:
    • increase feed consumption, especially in the hot months
    • easy transport and storage.
    • More flexibility in the use of some materials are high fiber, low-density
  • Eating animal or bird feed grain contains all the nutrients a one-time and non-choice between the components of the mixture.
  • Improving production and feed conversion factor due to:
    • increase feed palatability leading to increased consumption
    • improved Metabolism energy of feed due to a process Geltnp of starch.
    • Improved utilization of plant phosphorus.
    • Elimination of Salmonella and most other germs.
    • Reduce wasted feed.


The factory can produce feeds for horses and camels.
The factory produces two types of all sizes pellet forage.

Ruminant Animals

1. Milky cow forage
2. Calf fattening forage
3. Sheep fattening forage
4. Milky sheep forage

All Phases Chicken Forage

1. First phase chicken forage
2. Second phase chicken forage
3. Third phase chicken forage
4. Oviparous hen forage


Al Baraka pellet forage factory was established in 2009 in Daraa-Syria.
The total area is 8000 squared meters of which 1300 squared meters for the factory and administration section.

Highly quality forage is produced by means of modern technology and the production capacity is 7 tons per hour.

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Address: Al Baraka Pellet Feed
Syria- Daraa

Phone: 0096315279691
Fax: 0096315279634
Mobile: 00963955622338